It is part of human nature to want to be appreciated at all times. Man by his composition wants to be praised and worshiped. This is an attribute we inherited from God almighty who created us in His image and likeness. So, naturally when people say good things about us, we feel great on the inside and feel the reverse when the opposite is the case.

Most people cannot stand criticism. They see their critics as enemies and treat them as such. But is there any benefit in criticism? How am I supposed to see my critics? What attitude am I expected to put up when people criticize me? It could be painful when you hear unpalatable things about yourself outside. Unfortunately, we live in a society where people enjoy saying negative things about others. Indeed, gossip is like a soothner to the battering we receive daily from our harsh environment. Journalists often say that bad news sells faster. This assertion couldn't be truer in our society. The irony however is that, the fellows who sit down to say negative things about you feel good when saying it, perhaps over bottles of beer and pepper soup, but you naturally feel the reverse when those words eventually get to you. But in all of this, how do you react?

There are potential great minds today, who would have become celebrated in their fields of interest by virtue of the innovations they would bring to the table, but could not do so for the fear of criticism. There are many champions out there, whose feathers have been clipped because they allowed criticism to hamper the will of their progress. Your reaction to negative comments about your person and activities would eventually determine the height of your attainment. Put in a better way, your attitude to criticism, will determine your altitude in life.

Whenever you are criticized, sit down in your closet, alone, and dissect the content of the criticism, asking yourself genuinely with humility and utmost objectivity the following questions:
1. Where could this criticism have generated from?
2. Is there any element of truth in the criticism?

It is important you trace the source as to have a fair idea of the motive behind the criticism. Again, is there any element of truth in the criticism? Chances are that there would be a small fraction of truth, enveloped in a robe of exaggerated fallacies. Most times, we get so enraged with the fallacies that we fail to notice the tiny elements of truth.

When people criticize you openly or generate rumors about you underground, do not see them as your enemies. Rather, calmly dissect the content of the criticism. Those things they accuse you of, are you really doing them? Do not be angered by the coloured exaggerations, look beneath and x-ray the tiny truths embedded in those fabrications. Therein could lie the ladder on which you climb to the top if you take time to address the issues so raised.  Indeed, your critics are pointing out the weakness in you. Some of them may actually be doing it with the intent of running you down. Some also might be doing it with the intent of correcting you and bringing out the best in you. So do not see them as your enemies, but rather as agents of your ascension.

A couple of days ago, I was invited to the men's dinner by pastor Mrs. Funke Felix-Adejumo, to round off the annual women's convention. During the dinner, the general overseer of Agape Christian Ministries, bishop Felix Adejumo made a revelation in the course of his sermon, that I wish to share with you here. According to the revered man of God, a couple of years back, he returned home then  at Oba-Ile housing estate, after a hectic day. After taking a shower, he sat on the dinning table to do justice to the sumptuous meal that his lovely wife had prepared for him. While he was at it, his son Gbenga walked up to him and jokingly said, "daddy, you are enjoying o". He responded also by jokingly saying, "of course, why won't I enjoy in my house"? And the son dropped the bombshell. He said, "daddy, this is not your house"! According to the bishop, the food turned sour in his mouth. If the son had stopped there, it probably would have been 'better' for the bishop. But he did not. Gbenga went on to say, "daddy, this is not your house, we know the landlord"! That was simply unbearable for the bishop. According to him, that very moment, he dropped his cutleries, called his wife and said to her, "today, we shall get a land to build our own house". From the dinning table, the bishop and the wife drove out in search of a piece of land. That same day, they got the object of their search and today the rest is history.

For the revered clergy, it took criticism from his son to catapult him to the next level. He did not view his critic as his enemy. He analyzed the content of the criticism and found therein elements of bitter truths. He addressed the defects therein and it became for him a stepping stone to the next level. Some other fathers would have shut up the boy, insulted and even cursed him for daring to criticize them. And course, they would remain at the same spot, if not deteriorate.

So, criticism is not evil in itself. Your reaction to it is what determines in what direction the wind blows you. You could choose to fly on the wings of criticism or get drowned by the weight of its substance.


Nigerians have been adjudged the most religious people on earth. We are known to be very fervent in prayers and religious activities, even to the amazement of the very race through whom the faith came to us.

One of the beliefs that many of us hold over the years is that if we worship God with all of our hearts and serve Him with all of our souls, He will in turn open the windows of heaven unto us and shower us with abundant blessings beyond human comprehension.
Many, over the years have lived with this conviction and have ended up in absolute frustration, in some cases causing them to abandon the faith and distancing themselves from religious activities altogether.

The paradox here is that, quite a number of persons who do not practice the act of faith in God have prospered immensely. I do not refer to people who became prosperous from dubious means. I mean those who have achieved success through legitimate means. This brings to mind the question of the place of God in the attainment of earthly success.

When God created man, He gave him all he will ever need to make a success of himself. This was why after  he created Adam, He never went back to create another, because every other man is a product of the first and carries the seed that was embedded ab initio in the original mortal creation. How far each man will go thus depends on how far he is willing to go.

I drive a car that has a maximum speed capacity of 240km/hr. but I have never exceeded 130km/hr even while traveling. Some fellows would never go beyond 100km/hr and some drivers could drive at 160km/hr! So the speed at which we go in life is a function of the driver and not necessarily that of the vehicle. Because the vehicle of life is virtually the same. It is the mentality of the driver that makes the difference.

The seed of greatness lies in everyone of us. Whether we will eventually become great is a function of our willingness to pay the price of nurturing that seed to fruition. This is where many people miss it. They expect God to water the seed, nurture it, harvest the fruits and put it on their table, all because they worship Him in spirit and in truth.

I was delivering a lecture last week in a seminar and I told them that God is not a waster. He will not do for you what He has given you the power to do for yourself. I illustrated by dropping a book on the floor and I told them that no matter how much of a prayer warrior I am, no matter how much I fast and pray and speak in tongues, God would not harken to my prayer, asking Him to make the book  come up into my hands. God is not a magician. God is not a waster of resources. He will not do for you what He has given you the power to do for yourself. Unfortunately, this is the kind of 'magic' we expect God to perform. We bury ourselves in religious activities and refuse to THINK. We refuse to look inward and nurture our seed. We refuse to process the raw materials that God has deposited in us and earnestly look up to Him for finished products.

I stated in a seminar recently that if God would open our spiritual eyes, we would see how that angels laugh at some of our prayers! I can imagine these angels saying "look at this ignorant chap", because of the ridiculous prayers we sometimes offer.
Imagine someone fervently fasting and praying that God should bless him, while he, on his own part is not engaging his thinking faculties. I would rather he prays thus; "God, open my eyes that I may behold the gems of greatness in me and give me the grace to nurture them to fruition".
The truth of the matter is that even an atheist, if he looks inward, thinks hard and discovers the seeds of greatness in him, will make a remarkable success in his chosen field and soon become a rallying point for other onlookers, in spite of their religious commitments.

So friends, let us stop over-burdening God. He has deposited in us all we will ever need to make success out of life. Success does not come by religious piety, it comes by the application of principles. And principles are no respecter of persons. Whoever applies them, reaps the fruits thereof. Knowing God and worshiping Him in spirit and in truth is but an added advantage.



Last week, I started this series by admonishing us not to over-burden God. I wrote that God is not a waster of resources and would not do for you what He has given you power to do for yourself. I went on to emphasize that success does not come by religious piety, but by the application of principles.
This week, I shall commence the unveiling of the principles by which your dreams can come through.

A young man, carrying a luggage, heads for the motor park. He saw several buses each with a conductor shouting different destinations. One of the bus conductors on sighting him, felt he was a potential customer and walked up to him, asking him this question; "oga, where are you going".? The young man looked at the bus conductor with confusion written all over him and said, "I actually don't know where I am going". The bus conductor looked at him angrily and said, "if you don't know where you are going, then you can join any of these buses, because any bus can as well take you to anywhere"!

This is the pathetic situation of many a people. They have not been able to sit down and define for themselves what exactly they want out of life and draw out a plan of how to go about achieving it, step-by-step. The irony of this misdemeanor is that nature does not allow for a vacuum, for where you fail to define your life, the people and the circumstances around you will define your life for you. And you dare not complain afterwards, because they have helped you to do what you have failed to do for yourself.

What exactly do you want out of life? Let me put it this way; what do you want to achieve before you die? What do you want us to remember you for after departing this planet? Have you taken time to ask yourself this question and provide sincere answers to them? If your answer is NO, then you are just like that young man in that motor park who is about to join a bus, heading to the middle of Nowhere.

Let me quickly add this. It is not enough to set a definite goal. You must commit it to writing and assign a date to each phase.  Yes, you must put a timing to the goal. Having done this, put it in a place where you can SEE it daily; indeed every morning first thing as you wake up. There is a little "magic" attached to this prescription. When your eyes behold daily, the things your hands wrote and is believed in your heart, the forces of destiny cause an irresistible gravitation of resources that eventually cause the writing to be clothed with a garment of realization.
The dates attached to the steps may vary, the process may alter, but the ultimate goal faileth not. Though it tarries, it shall indeed come to pass.

So friends, where is your game-plan? Where is your road-map to the fulfillment of your destiny? I know some of you would probably say that you have a plan. That you know what you want out of life and know how to go about it even without writing it down. How simplistic! While I am not about to go into a debate with you, I would admonish you to follow this simple prescription. Write down your goal. Assign a time limit to each phase. Put it in a place where you can see it daily. Read it aloud to yourself everyday. Follow this prescription, and see how things turn around for you!

Life is not a bed of roses. But at least, it shouldn't be a mat of thorns. When we have a clear cut definition of what we want out of life, the journey becomes smoother and definitive. It then indeed becomes easier for us to distinguish between the helpers of our destiny and the enemies of our dreams. It takes focus to recognize distraction. For where there is no focus, distraction becomes attraction.



This week, i shall proceed to discuss the second pillar in the school of success.
This pillar is known as HARD WORK. This is what differentiates mere wishers from dreamers. Anybody can dream, but hard work is the currency you need to pay to purchase your dreams and cause it to be clothed with the garment of reality. This is the point where many dreamers miss it. They dream of a bright tomorrow and even go ahead to confess it to as many people as care to listen. However, any dream that is not enforced by the pillar of hard work will remain a fantasy and eventually evaporate into thin air, or at best remain in the mind of the dreamer and constitute itself into a veritably source of frustration.

For your dream to come through, you must commit yourself totally to it. You must go full time, to go full length. This is another point where most dreamers miss it. They major in their minor and minor in their major. Now that you have defined what your dream is, as stated in the last edition of this magazine, you can't afford to do it part-time. Agreed, you may start small, but have it at the back of your mind that if you will excel in it, you must give it your all. You may need to resign from that your paid job in order to give life to that dream. I can see someone flinching right now. Resign from a secured job and settle for a dream whose success cannot yet be guaranteed? Yes! Whenever you shut doors of escape behind you, there is an unusual force of elevation that comes to your aid and ensure that that you are taken to the next level.

Several years ago, there was an army general who was to go to war against the army of another country. His opponents have a bigger, stronger and more sophisticated weaponry than his. One night, he loaded all of his soldiers in seven boats and rowed across the river to the shores of his opponents. He ordered his army to alight and before their very eyes, he set theirs boats ablaze.  While the boats up inflame, he said to them "there it goes in flame, our only source of escape. We either win this battle or we shall all perish"! The end of the story is that they won.
Too many doors of escape is a deterrent to hard work. Shut all other doors behind you and tell it loud to yourself; "if I perish, I perish". History has it that anyone that puts up courage to so declare and acts upon such declaration, perishes not. Forces of nature gravitate in the direction of such a soul and supply the resources needed to lift him or her to the next level.

Hard work begins from the mind, else your energy goes to waste.
You must start by THINKING HARD.  Engage your thinking faculty to the fullest. Sometimes, my wife complain about me talking to myself. This is because when sometimes I am deeply engrossed in dream-thoughts, I unconsciously look aloof and mutter some of the mental images to myself. The truth is, every awesome achievement we behold today, started off as a thought in the mind of a thinker. So, don't over-burden God, engage your thinking faculty.

Have you heard the saying that time is money? You have just 24hours in a day. How you invest it  determines what you get out of it. Most people spend so much time in leisure and spend very little time in the pursuit of their dreams. When do you wake up in the morning? How much time do you SPEND watching television? How much time do you SPEND 'gisting' with friends? How much time do you spend partying? How much time do you SPEND on that hobby? When you subtract these from 24hrs, how much time is left? If your dreams must come through, you must bury yourself in your job. I have deliberately written the word 'spend' in capital letters. This is to emphasize the fact that time is actually a currency and what you spend it on determines what you buy at the end of the day.

So friends, it is time to go to work. It is time to bury yourself in your work. It is time to be tagged a 'workaholic' by your associates. Let people see that you are going somewhere by virtue of your commitment to what you do. You may need to let go of some things in order to concentrate on your dream.
Mark Zuckerberg, was 20 years old and an undergraduate in Havard university when he started Facebook in 2004. He got so passionate about his dream that he decided to give it his all. When he realized that his academic activities at Havard would not allow him give his all to his dream, he took a monumental decision, a decision that many considered unwise at that time. He dropped out of Havard, in order to have adequate time for his pet project, Facebook. Today, Mark is world's youngest billionaire, with a net worth of 17.5billion US dollars as of March 2012.
It is noteworthy to mention here that Mark is an atheist. He does not even believe in God. He only applied the universal principle of success and the result is there for all to see. This is why I said, do not over-burden God. He is no respecter of persons. He will not do for you what He has given you power to do for yourself. Worshiping Him in spirit and In truth does not substitute for the observance of principles. Whoever applies these universal principles will reap the fruits thereof. Knowing God and worshiping Him in utmost piety becomes indeed, an added advantage and not a substitute to fundamental principles.



It has been said time and again, that procrastination is the thief of time. Most people cry to God to provide for them ALL that is needed to start their dreams. They consider what is in their hands too little and grossly insufficient to kick-start their pet-project. So over the years, they have had to wait and postpone the commencement of their dreams, until EVERYTHING is in place. They have had to fast and pray for God to bring men and women of immeasurable wealth their way, that will supply them with ALL that they need to get started. Some have visited several praying mountains and have observed countless spiritual 'programs', in order to attract the necessary funds and goodwill that is needed to kick-start their dream project. Indeed, many have so waited over the years, that their faith has metamorphosed into frustration and an absolute apathy for things of the spirit.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a poem that I posted on my Facebook wall as an exhortation to my Facebook friends.  I wish to reproduce same here, to buttress my point.

When will my status change?

I have been
Around this mountain
For too long!

People all around me
Moving upward
To their next levels
Yet I stagnate...

When will my status change?

In tears I slept
And in dreamland
I behold an angel
White as snow
Huge as a giant
Whisper solemn in my ears...

Your status will change
When you change...

When you dare to dream
And stake your life
On your dream

When you develop your mind
That your eyes
May see what others look

When you drop
Friends that kill your dream
And friend they that live their dreams

So ask not
When your status will change

But ask
When you will be ready
To change your status

For the power of WHEN
Lies within your palm.

Dr. Thomas S. Wilson (c2012)

The last verse of this poem summarizes it so well; 'for the power of WHEN, lies within your palm'. When the student is ready, the master shows up.

The truth is, ALL the funds that you need is embedded in that little 'change' in your pocket. All you need do is to START with that 'insufficient' amount and keep moving. There are helpers of destiny who have been sent to aid you to the next level. But they will never show up until you show up. You will never discover them until you kick-start that dream. The irony is that some of them are people you know so well. But until you start, your money that is in their pockets will never find its way to your pocket.

The greatest impediment to the realization of any dream, is to wait until EVERYTHING is in place. You may as well wait for eternity! The truth is, everything is in that little thing in your hands. Don't wait for an ideal time. Start now. Your beginning may appear ridiculous, but inside that ridiculous lies the miraculous.

SHUT UP !     

As Kola was lowered six feet down into the grave, there was tears and wailings by all that gathered by his grave-side. A promising young man of 28years old, full of dreams and ideas. Another mind-bugging addition to the wealth of the graveyard.

My friend, Dr. Myles Munroe made a statement in a seminar several years ago. He said, the richest place on earth is not the oil field in Saudi Arabia, or the gold mines in Indonesia ; the richest place on earth is the graveyard. Because there in the grave yard are dreams that were never realized, books that were never written, kings that died as slaves, wealthy men that died as paupers. The graveyard he said, is filled with potentials!

This week, I will be sharing with you one of the factors that have sent too many potentials to the great beyond. The very factor that sent Kola, a promising young man, the beacon of hope for his humble family, to an early grave.

Kola participated in the last America Visa Lottery. And as fate would have it, he won. Considering his very poor background and how that he struggled to graduate from the University of Benin, he could not but thank his stars! Out of excitement, he told his "close friends" that he had won the prestigious American Visa lottery and that he had even gone to the American embassy for interview and was successful. His father sold the only building the family had to raise money for the ticket. Date for departure fixed. Kola decided to throw a send-forth party for his friends the night before his departure. While winning and dinning was going on,  a lady came screaming to the party floor. When the Well-wishes followed her trail, they discovered the body of Kola in the back of the family house, in a pool of his own blood. Dead!
Kola was stabbed to death by an unknown assailant and the jack-knife left in his abdomen!

Many dreamers have had their dreams truncated because they could not put their tongues in check. Some have outrightly lost their lives.
How loose is your tongue?
Are you the type that goes about broadcasting your dreams to every Dick and Harry even before you set out the plans? It makes you feel good. It soothens your nerves and makes you feel on top of the world. But the bitter truth is that, if care is not taken, that dream may not go beyond that level. Yes, the level of dreams...

This is why I said last week that "show me your friends and I will show you your destiny".
The choice of the people you associate with will determine in which direction you will be ultimately headed. Are you the "sole-champion" amongst your friends? What do you discuss each time you are together? If his presence cannot add to you, then his absence will not take anything from you.

No matter who you are surrounded with, be careful who you discuss your dreams with. I have a simple rule that I have applied over the years: if you have no role to play in the fulfillment of my dream , then I have no business discussing it with you!
True. Of what use is discussing my dreams with you when I am not expecting you to play any role in its fulfillment?
So friends, if your dreams will come through, please learn to shut up! It is better for your 'friends' to see the result of your dreams than to see the dream in the pipeline.

I know of people who have said to me that whenever they openly discuss their dreams, such dreams eventually never come to pass. So over the years, they have learnt painfully, to keep their dreams to themselves, sometimes to the infuriation of their close allies.

Remember the story of Joseph in the bible? He dreamt and saw the sheafs of his elder brothers bow to his own sheaf. And each time, he told his dreams to his elder brothers, they envied and hated him.
Eventually they conspired and threw him in the pit to die. In his own peculiar case, he was fortunate to have risen from the pit to the throne. Many have not been so fortunate. Several have moved from the pit to their grave and have their destinies terminated, simply because they refused to shut up!

So friends, as you dream big and hope to conquer the world, please be careful who you discuss with. Your best friend today might be your worst enemy tomorrow. If he has no role to play in its fulfillment, he has no business knowing, at least for now.
The future belongs to they that dream and they that have learnt to shut up!


It has been said that many eyes look, but very few see.

All around us are beacons on opportunities. But most people do not see them as such. Because most times they come, disguised.
Where you are today is the product of the things you "saw" yesterday. In the same vein, where you will be tomorrow will largely depend on the things you "see" today.

If your dreams will come through, you must learn to SEE THE THINGS YOU  LOOK.
And where there appears as not much to behold, then you can look within and create your own world for the world to admire.

Only a few days ago, shortly after the commissioning of the water fountain at the Alagbaka round-about in Akure, I rode past the spot at about 8pm and saw several people gathered around the fountain, most of them posing and snapping pictures with their camera phones. Beyond the fun, I SAW an opportunity to make quick cash.
When I got home, I posted on my Facebook wall that I was looking for a young man who will come to that spot with a wait-and-get camera, snap fun-seekers, wash the pictures and give them the finished products in a jiffy. I mentioned in that post that whosoever comes up with that, stands a good chance of making "cool cash".

Why was I able to see money in the fountain, when majority of other people saw fun? The reason is because, over the years, I have learnt to "shine my eyes"...

Whenever you look at anything, learn to process the information in your mind and ask yourself how that sight can benefit you. How that sight can benefit your environment. How that sight can be refined to make your dreams come through.

The future belongs to dreamers. People who will look at things and begin to dream about them. People who will look at the status quo and ask questions as to what they can do to make a difference. People who will always ask the question HOW? How can I process this sight to actual isle my dream? How can I make the world a better place with this thing that I am seeing?

Many eyes look, but very few see.
The future belongs to those who look beyond the ordinary. Those who see the things they look, will forever be ahead of them that look.

Nothing on earth, is at its finished state.
The beautiful inventions of today are but the raw materials for the inventions of tomorrow. But it will take a seeing eye to behold the raw materials in every facet of attainment.
The moment you become complacent and believe that you have arrived, watch it, you just might be on your way down. Nature does not allow for statism. You are either moving up or you are on your way down. So he that will remain relevant in his field and sphere will forever be on the move. And progressive movement begins with what you see and how you interprete your sight into vision.

Have you attempted snapping a picture with an analogue camera without a film?  The camera will snap alright, but because there is no film inside the camera, the image will not be processed. This is what happens to most on-lookers. They look. But that "looking" requires a processing to become "seeing". And Where there is no refined, defined reservoir in the mind, then the image remains a mere image, or at best a mirage of entertainment.

How then do we develop our minds to a level where it is able to process every information from our eyes into the fulfillment of our dreams?

This week I shall share with you two vital ingredients that you need to shine your eyes, and make them the magnetic dark-room of your destiny.

It has been said over and over that you cannot give what you do not have. When a primary school drop-out speaks English language, you will tell the difference from when a university graduate speaks the same language.
What makes the difference? Study!

When I say 'study', I do not just refer to the conventional books you are made to read in the course of your acquiring a formal education in institutions of learning. Those are good. Necessary  for the acquisition of knowledge required in your chosen discipline.
But there is a higher level of study. The level where you go out of your way to procure books, not necessarily related to your discipline, sit down to study them as though you would be required to write exams on them.

In this category are books on motivation, inspiration, financial management, relationships, spiritual compassing. I strongly recommend that you should continuously read one at every point in time, as to keep your mind alive. For your eyes can only be sharpened, to the degree of deposits of treasure present in your mind.

Do you know that your friends and associates can influence the things you see? Sometimes you may see when they look. And when you dare share the vision of what you are seeing with them, they may discourage you, shut you down and give you a thousand and one reasons why it could not be achieved.
Whether you know it or not, where you are today has been greatly influenced by your choice of association.

Who are your friends? Who are the people you allow into your inner closet? Who are the people you discuss your dreams with? They will either positively influence you to shine your eyes, making you to see the gold beneath every thrash, or produce a dulling effect on your mind, causing you to look without seeing.

If your eyes will remain sharpened, there are people you must avoid. There are phone calls you must stop picking. There are numbers you must delete from your cell phone. There are invitations you must decline. There are places you must stop going to. There are relationships you must break. There are relationships you must cultivate.  For your associations have an immense influence of the power of your vision. So if you want to develop eyes that see, you must first review your associations.

Indeed, the future belong to dreamers. The select few that "shine" their eyes and SEE when others LOOK.


It is part of the human nature to want to acquire things unto himself. Greed is an Adamic characteristic in the mortal being. The more you acquire unto yourself, the wealthier you become.
Indeed, the natural instinct of man is to get all he can, can all he gets and sit on it!

However, there exists yet another theory. A theory that appears contrasting to the earlier one we had known over the years. This is the theory of giving. This theory states that when you give, you open celestial doors that cause wealth to flow in your direction.

Most people consider the latter theory an exclusive preserve of the wealthy. They believe that for you to give, you must be rich. Why on earth would you expect a man who could barely take care of his needs to give out the little he has to another fellow, all in the name of 'giving'?
Most average persons will tell you that even they, need to be given to, because what they have is yet grossly insufficient unto them and their households.

However, an understanding of the theory of giving is all that is needed to liberate the mind and cause a total turn-around in the way we view this all-important theory

Have you ever wondered why most rich people are into philanthropy? Because they understand this theory.  But most of us would think that they are into the act of giving because they are wealthy. While that is partly correct, the real reason why they can't but give is not known to most people. This is the mystery I seek to unravel herein.

The money in your possession is not entirely yours. It is actually a function of three categories. First, the one you use to meet your daily needs. Secondly, the one you save for the future. Thirdly, the one you give to people.

Unfortunately however, most of us fuse up the third category into the first and second ones. The hidden secret however is that the degree to which the first and the second category flourish is a function of the benevolence of the third!

I will illustrate this theory in a very simple way. If for instance,  what you need to run your home monthly is fifty thousand naira and you make about eighty thousand naira monthly. Having committed fifty thousand naira to running your home and kept some away for the future, the rest IS NOT YOURS. Yes, what remains therein belongs to some other persons. You are but a care-taker, holding the money in trust for the real owners.

Let me quickly add here. The said amount set aside for the purpose of giving should not just be any paltry sum of your wish. It should not be less than 10% of your total income.

By the grace of God, I have four kids; the eldest is Ejiro, followed by a set of triplets.  Let us go on  a voyage of imagination. They get into school and I wish to embark on a journey that would take me about a month. I envisaged that each of them would be comfortable with #40,000 per month as 'pocket money' and gave same to them individually. However, before departing I called Ejiro aside and gave her additional #20,000 extra. This extra is to cater for any unforeseen need for herself and her junior ones. Should they need additional monies, she should give out #5,000 to each of the triplets, while she keeps #5000 for herself. This extra has made her 'wealthier' than others. Yet, not her money.

Before my return from the trip however, the triplets exhausted their monies and were in need. Ejiro saw them in that state, yet refused to release unto them the extra I had given her for that purpose.

When I return, one thing is certain. I will never again commit unto Ejiro's hands the commonwealth of others, the extra that made her 'wealthy'.  Because she has shown that when the original owners come for it, she would not be faithful to release it unto them.

The above scenario is an illustration of the principle of giving I seek to amplify.

The extra in your hands is not yours. It was given to you to keep in trust for the original owners. That is what makes you comfortable. Because you were given far more than you need. So when the original owners ( the needy) come for it, please be faithful enough to release it unto them.
In fact, many of them are ignorant of the fact that your money is in their hands, and are therefore not confident enough to come to you. For such categories of the needy, please approach them and render unto them that which is committed unto your hands on their behalf.

This is why you cannot afford to give with pride and arrogance. When you give unto a needy, you should so do with utmost humility. The reason is because the extra in your hands that makes you wealthy is actually their property!

So, what becometh of he who withholdeth more than is meant. The answer is simple...he turneth to poverty and lack.

On the other hand however, if you are benevolent in giving out to the needy their dues, more resources will be divinely committed unto your hands and how great your abundance shall be.

The act of giving is not the exclusive preserve of the rich. No matter the financial status of a man,he yet has something he can give. The only difference is that the quantum of his gift might be dependent on the overall gravity of his possession.

In conclusion, the window of abundance opens to them who from the 'little' in their possession, give to be a blessing unto others. For when you give, it shall be given unto you.


Many people give but complain that they receive not in return. Yet over the years, they have been told that when they give, they shall receive.

This week, we shall begin the series on the principles of giving to receive and x-ray the first of the principles in this all-important dictum.

In this clime, it is a popular saying that; "nothing goes for nothing"!

For you to receive something tangible, you are expected to first 'wet the ground' else you might wait till the end of time.
And when you show benevolence by giving to a person in need, society expects that person to in turn, show appreciation by giving you something in return. What the person gives back to you is a function of what is available. Should the fellow fail to give back something in 'appreciation' ,  we term the fellow an ingrate and not worthy of future largesse.

A couple of weeks ago, a young lady came to me with an application. Having graduated from the university and completed the compulsory one year youth service, she hit the labour market in the quest for employment.
I told her that we just concluded our vacancy schedule for the year and all the spaces had been occupied. I however recommended her to a sister organization that would be conducting interview for new staff in the following week.

To my amazement, this lady mentioned the name of the CEO of the outfit and turned down my recommendation note. According to her, in spite of my letter of recommendation, the CEO would still make sexual advances at her before considering her for employment. The young lady claimed that she had two of her friends working in that organization. Out of desperation to secure employment, they were left with no option than to succumb to the pressures from the CEO, who indeed gave them employment after spending a night with them in a hotel suite. Till date, he still sleeps with them as at when due.

That CEO is a very benevolent man, giving to people and providing employments to a large number of young graduates. But from the principle of giving to receive, he has no more rewards from the celestial. He gave jobs and received sex. Period!

If you have ever rendered assistance to a person, whenever you are in need, make that person your last option, in considering persons you would approach for assistance when in need. When you give unto a person and you return thereafter to demand assistance from same, you have received your reward. That person would be under pressure to reciprocate your good gesture. And in so doing, expect no more from the celestial.

Sometimes last year, I overheard the lamentations of a young man whose wife just put to bed. According to this fellow, a couple of months earlier, his best friend's wife was delivered of a bouncing baby boy. He visited him in company of his wife and presented to the couple two rows of pampers, three baby clothes and a cash gift of five thousand naira.

However, when his own wife put to bed, his friend visited him 'with an empty hand'. No cash donation, no pampers, no baby clothes. Just an 'ordinary' visit! He lamented so loudly how much of an ingrate his friend was.

Most of us commit this blunder. We give and look forward to receiving from the same person whom we had given to. And when we do not receive from that person in the expected quantum, we take offense and express our frustration.  This runs contrary to the principle of giving to receive.

When you give to a person, it will do you a great deal of good if you wipe out the memory from your consciousness. This way, you would not remember that you ever gave anything to that person.

When some persons do you good, they will turn it into a source of bondage for you. Everything you do thereafter will be in the light of 'if not for me'... Even though, they may not verbalize it, yet their actions shout it at roof top. Such persons have received their rewards.

Some persons take offense, when they give to a person and the recipient of their benevolence did not show 'enough appreciation' . They expect the recipient to prostrate or kneel down profusely, while receiving from them.

As if that is not enough, some will even expect the recipient to come with members of his or her family to show appreciation. All of these are mere showmanship and negates the principles of giving to receive. Whosoever engages in such has received his rewards.

If your giving will yield fruits, you must give and expect nothing from the recipient. That way, your reward will come from above. For when you receive out of pressure, from the one who benefitted from your benevolence, verily verily I say unto you, you have received your reward.
Over the years, I have heard preachers repeatedly say "give, and it shall be given unto you". Many have had to give, yet receive little or nothing in return. A couple of people have even propounded their own theories of the principles of giving and receiving, at variance with the norms of the Creator. Little wonder they give and receive no reward theretofore.

When am I supposed to give? To whom do I give? In what quantum do I give? With what attitude should I give? What general principles guide the process of giving and receiving? Except one has a good understanding of these principles, he shall give and receive not in return.

The principle of giving to receive is hinged on three pillars:
1. The giver
2. The gift
3. The receiver.

The giver is the individual who is benevolent enough to let go parts of his personal belongings to another. He needs to have an understanding of certain principles, lest his benevolence goes to waste. Over the years, we have had people who have given to others, yet did not receive the expected rewards that is said to come with this act. Some have even jettisoned the concept, believing that it is one of those empty, old-fashioned philosophies. Yet some others, over several years have made this a corner-stone of their day-to-day activities and have benefitted immensely theretofore. Wherein lies the difference? Why is one act rewarding to one and not rewarding to another? The answer lies in the understanding of the principle behind benevolence.

On the other hand, the item given out as gift is of paramount importance. The type of items he gives and the quantum in which he gives it determines whether his gift will bring forth fruits or not. Is there a particular requirement that my gift must meet before it can produce rewards for me? Do I need to inconvenience myself all in the name of giving? Do I give at my convenience or as a compulsion?

The receiver of the gift is of sore importance because not everyone is deserving of your gift. So, to whom are you expected to give? At what instance are you to give? Are there people you should avoid giving to? What should be your attitude to the receiver after he has received your gift?

The above stated three pillars are the foundations on which the theory of giving to receive is hinged. To give therefore in ignorance of the workings of these injunctions is a kin to throwing a pin in the Atlantic and expecting to retrieve it afterwards.

A few days ago, I met a middle-aged man who lamented to me that he no longer believes in the principle of giving to receive. According to him, he used to be very benevolent; giving to people in his environment. In fact, the king of his community gave him a chieftaincy tittle in recognition of his many works of charity. However, his business took a nose-dive and all his investments went under. Today, he is full of questions. How come in spite of his benevolence, his business came crashing? How come nobody came to his own rescue while on the other hand he was there for others in their own moments of dark-clouds. How come, how come...? Endless questions!

The good thing about asking questions is that if you ask sincerely enough, answers will come your way, provided you ask at the right time, in the right quantum, with the right spirit, from the right source.


Mr Kolade is a successful businessman who is also a celebrated philanthropist in his locality. One evening, a young man named Bayo, a student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko visited him in his office along Oba Adesida road, Akure.

Bayo came to plead with Mr. Kolade for financial assistance. According to him, his parents were very rich, but died in the Bellview air crash that happened  on October 22, 2005. Since the demise of both parents, he said that things have not been the same for him anymore. Infact, he finds it difficult to feed on campus not to mention the uphill task of paying his school fees.

Mr. Kolade, moved with compassion, gave Bayo an envelope containing one hundred thousand naira. While Bayo was on his way out of the office, he ran into Gladys, the only daughter of Mr. Kolade. Both of them were undergraduates of the same institution. Beyond that however, Gladys knew Bayo as a very rough and care-free guy who surrounded himself with bad boys and spent money recklessly.

On entering into his dad's office, Gladys asked him what on earth a pervert like Bayo was doing in his office. She went on to narrate what manner of fellow Bayo was and all of his misdemeanors  on campus. Naturally, Mr. Kolade felt bad and secretly regretted giving out his hard earned money to such an undeserving fellow.

Sometimes, we give unto a person, only to realize later on that the person is not deserving of our gift. At such times, the tendency is for us to regret our actions and begin to murmur. We may not necessarily complain to the hearing of other people, but deep within ourselves, we murmur and wished we had not given out that precious gift to that 'idiot'.

If your giving must yield receiving, when you give, you should disregard the character of the benefactor. It is none of your business whether the recipient is deserving of your gift or not. Your own responsibility is to give to a person that is in need. Remember what I stated at the beginning of this series? I stated that the reason why the Creator will continue to release abundance unto you is because He trusts that when the needy cry to you for assistance, you will release unto them that which originally belonged to them, but was committed to your hands for safe-keeping until the real owners come for them.

So, when the real owners come for them, it is not in your power to sit in judgement over them. Your own responsibility is to release the items unto them, for they are indeed the original owners.

So when you give unto a person, do not murmur about the person's character thereafter. For if you murmur after giving, you have killed the seed of your benevolence.

In certain instances, a person approaches you for assistance and you so oblige, only to discover later that the person lied to you! Indeed, this could be painful. There is a natural tendency for you to feel used. But you will only feel that way if you do not have a proper knowledge of the principle of giving to receive.

This can be likened to a man who is to embark on a journey and gave some money to a neighbour to give to his children should they need extra funds. If such children fabricate lies to collect money from the money keeper, they do so in ignorance. And indeed, it is not in the powers of the keeper to sit in judgement over the character of the children. His scope is simple, to give money to the children whenever they so request.

An understanding of this principle is so germane as to save us unnecessary heartaches. Give within the context of your capacity and do not complain about the recipient thereafter. Do not murmur about how undeserving he is of your gift. Do not sit in regret over the given item. Give and put your eyes off the benefactor. For you have not really done him any good. Rather, you have done yourself good. For in giving, you open more windows for your receiving.

Verily verily I say unto you, he that giveth unto another and complaineth thereafter has received his reward. For murmur is unto giving, what hot water is unto a seed.



Naturally, when one gives unto another, the giver tends to feel that he has done a great amount of good to the receiver. Hence, the tendency in for the giver to feel superior to the receiver, an air that courts a dictum of arrogance in the giver.

At the beginning of this series, I did highlight the premise upon which giving must be done if the giver expects to receive thereto-from. I gave an instance using my four kids; Ejiro and the triplets. I will recount that illustration for the purpose of driving home the message of this topic.

I was to embark on a journey and gave all of my four kids monies for their upkeep while I travelled. However, on a second thought, I felt that somewhere along the line, they may exhaust their monies and be in need of extras. I then called Ejiro aside and gave her a large sum of money secretly, without the knowledge of the triplets. This money belongs to the triplets. Should they run out of funds and approach her, she should do well to release same to them.

The extra I have given to Ejiro, makes her appear richer than others. But the truth is, she is only in possession of other people's property. But nature has so designed it that if she is faithful in giving to the original owners when they come to her in need, even more will be committed into her hands.

So, it will be strange and indeed an expression of oddity, if she gives to the triplets in arrogance. They are the reason why she appears richer than others. So if anything, she should be grateful to them and whenever she is opportuned to give unto them, she should do so with humility of spirit.

It is the ignorance of this principle that makes people look down upon the less privileged when they approach them for assistance.

When a less privileged person approaches you for assistance, he is only demanding that which rightly belongs to him. That which belonged to him, but was committed to your hands for safe-keeping until such a time when he shall require it. So when you are giving unto him, you should do so in humility. You are expected to give in humility because you have traded with his capital and have profited therefrom. So you should indeed show appreciation to him, for he is the reason why the  extra was committed into your hands!

The ignorance of this principle is the reason why most rich folks look down upon the less privileged when they show benevolence to them. Some indeed see them as pests that are not worthy of attention, the under-dogs of the human race.

A rich folk once gave out money to a needy woman in my presence. The scenario yet brings tears to my eyes each time I remember, even though it happened several years ago. An elderly woman, obviously looking unkept, came to the residence of this rich folk. I happened to be there at that time to attend to a sick family member. By the time this rich folk got to know of the presence of this woman, she was already in the living room with a malnourished child, sitting down on one of the expensive Italian leather settee of this business mogul . He walked in and was embarrassed to see this 'poverty-stricken' duo sitting in his expensive tastefully-furnished lounge. The woman on seeing him, quickly went on her knees, begging that this rich folk give her money to pay for the rent of her house that had expired three months earlier. According to her, the landlord had threatened to throw out her belongings if she failed to pay up a week from that visit.

The rich folk, obviously irritated and uncomfortable with the presence of the woman, went inside his bedroom, came up with the required sum of money, THREW it at her and walked away.
The poor widow had to pick up the scattered notes from the floor and left, singing his praise and raining prayers on him for saving her and her kid from imminent expulsion from her residence.

The rich folk in question here indeed showed benevolence to the needy, but did so in arrogance. He saw the recipient as a pest and treated her as such. Although the poor widow 'prayed' for him,  yet a major principle had been breached here. And principles are no respecter of persons. If you obey them, they will work for you. If you disobey them, they will work against you.

If that rich folk could be benevolent enough to meet the need of that poor widow, how so wonderful it would have been, if he had done so with a humble spirit. Enveloping the money neatly and giving it to her with humility, uttering a few encouraging words, would have been simply amazing.

Not all givings produce result. For your giving to bring forth fruits, you must observe the principles of giving to receive.

Verily verily I say unto you, he that giveth unto another in arrogance, has receiveth his rewards.